How to Plant Pearl Grass

How to Plant Pearl Grass

Concordiachamberofcommerce – How to plant Pearl Grass, which is the prima donna of ornamental grasses. Because ? Indeed, pearl grass has great aesthetic and beauty value, especially if it is found in a garden, besides being known to be more economical, pearl grass is also relatively easier to maintain compared to to other types of garden grass such as Japanese grass or mini. elephant grass.

There is also no need to cut pearl grass like Japanese grass, the size of this grass is also larger and also if it grows in fertile soil it will grow very well and cover the middle extension. planting. So if it is planted in a garden, it can take care of the garden.

Well, here the author will walk you through how to plant good pearl grass and tips for its maintenance. Let’s see now.

Preparation of the ground

The first step in planting pearl grass is to prepare the planting area. Planting soil before planting should be dealt with first as in How to Grow Tomatoes Hydroponically and How to Grow Tomatoes in Plastic Bags.

The treatment is done manually by hoeing the soil to a depth of 30 cm. then loosened and leveled, making sure that the soil for planting the soil is gently plowed.

After that add manure or completely dry compost. Sprinkle the manure evenly on the planting area, the dose used is 3 kg per square meter. If the fertilizer has spread, let it sit for a week so that the soil is neutral and ready to be planted with pearl grass.

Choosing pearl grass seeds

The next step is to choose quality pearl grass seeds. To get the seeds, you can buy them from the grasshopper which is usually sold by the roadside.

It is usually sold in the form of slabs with the ground. For the size of one square meter, the price is around 30 lakhs, it can be more or less, but this herb is classified as cheap herb, so you don’t have to worry about the price.

To choose good seeds, pay attention to the following points:

  • The leaf color of pearl grass should be bright green.
  • Make sure you get fresh, healthy grass seed that is not exposed to pests or diseases.
  • If you have the seeds, sowing should be done immediately so that the grass seeds can adapt immediately.
  • To facilitate planting, the grass can be watered first to facilitate separation when planting.

Plant pearl grass in the field

How to plant pearl grass is relatively the same as planting grass in general. After the soil and seeds are ready, it can be planted, it is best to plant in the morning or evening when the sun is not too hot and prickly.

This condition will help the seedlings easily adapt to the new environment.

Planting a good lawn is done with the following techniques:

  1. Cut the large patch of grass into small pieces of a size of 20 × 20 cm.
  2. Sowing is done by planting checkerboard grass if it is planted on level ground, but if the ground is sloping it should be planted firmly to prevent landslides.
  3. Lay each slab in an orderly and regular manner, keeping a distance between the slabs of 2 to 4 cm.
  4. This plant spacing will help the weed later not to overcrowd so that the planting results are better and cleaner, and it will also make maintenance easier.
  5. After planting all parts, water so that the soil is moist and the grass seeds do not dry out.
  6. Rinse with plenty of water and do not make the puddles muddy, it will cause seedling death due to root rot.

Tips for maintaining good pearl grass

Tips for maintaining pearl grass should be as follows:

Adding sand

It should be noted that to get pearl grass that grows well, you need to add medium sand in the middle of the garden.

This will help increase the absorption of the planting so that later if it rains or you water too much, the water does not stagnate as the sand will help absorb the excess water. Use just enough sand so as not to cover the lawn, if there is no sand, it can be replaced with fine soil.


Watering pearl grass is also very important. Because at the start of planting grass, the plants really need lots of water. This is why it is necessary to water regularly, the benefits of which will also make the lawn more fertile, fresh and evergreen.


In order for the grass to grow more fertile and good, fertilization must also be carried out. This will help the medium to provide the nutrients that the plants need. Therefore, lawn fertilizers use nitrogen containing fertilizers or inorganic fertilizers such as urea fertilizer Why is urea fertilizer so important for plant growth? This is because urea fertilizer has many important benefits for increasing fertility.

Do not walk on the grass

Another thing to keep in mind is to stay out of the grass as this will damage the structure of the grass and can lead to the death of the grass as well.

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