DDR5 RAM predicted this year (2021)

DDR5 RAM predicted this year (2021)

Concordiachamberofcommerce –¬†Technology is evolving very fast and fast, causing people to be asked to follow its development. One of these things happens in the world of the computer industry where computers are used to process data. Computers enter data into their storage to make it easier to access. However, what happens if there is a large amount of data and only uses an old computer? It is certain that the process will take a long time, and so fast computer technology is being developed as it is today.

What is RAM?

Discuss a (random access memory), or often called RAM memory, a type of computer storage whose contents can be accessible at a fixed time, regardless of the location of the data in the memory. This means that Ram is a storage device that can store data from an application managed by a computer or laptop, but the storage space is only temporary; if someone disables the computer or laptop used, shutdown application will be lost.

The DDR4 RAM type itself was released in 2014, where the standard speed is at a frequency of 1600 Mhz – 2400 Mhz, and the maximum is 3.2 Gbps (3200 Mhz). In general, however, it is found that DDR4 RAM at a frequency of 2133 Mhz and the maximum size per RAM RAM is 64 GB. Not only that, but this type of DDR4 RAM can exceed the standard speed (2133Mhz) by overclocking / exceeding the limit. At present, many motherboard manufacturers offer secure overclocking functions for RAM, even for overclocking itself there is a competition. aims to get the highest and most stable RAM frequency speed.

Because you see more capacity, it will automatically increase your computing and multitasking capabilities. Playing computer games while typing or even while editing videos can be handled without being left behind or the process feels slow.

The performance of a system required for computer and server purposes, cost and power, causes DRAM to increase bandwidth, capacity and power. DDR5 SDRAM has been proposed as a memory successor of the 5th generation RAM, with various features and new circuit techniques to overcome the limitations or limitations of the capabilities of DDR4 RAM.

DDR5 RAM speed was increased by more than 30% by using the power of 1.1 V VDD and 1.8 V VPP (lower than DDR4). To achieve maximum capacity, DDR5 uses a number of small pins, namely command pins with 2 decoding cycles, new writing methods, ECC on-die, asynchronous DQ / DQS schemes, leveling schemes for interfaces or interfaces with speed per pin is 6, 4Gb / s. (Kim et al., 2020)

It is predicted that 2021 (this year) will be the year when the first DDR5 SDRAM memory starts to enter the market, so 2022 will probably be the year when DDR5 memory becomes mainstream as companies like AMD, Intel and motherboard manufacturers start integrating it in their products. This makes the development of a product very fast, with the cooperation between companies trying to develop a product, then there will be a change in the generation of a product in the next 1-3 years (Andre, 2020 ).

As a result. The presence of DDR5 RAM was revealed because one of the well-known manufacturers, TeamGroup, predicted the presence of DDR5 RAM in the third quartile (Q3) 2021 (TeamGroup, 2020). This www.venostech.com.

With the presence of DDR5 RAM type, it will probably want the computers / laptops that want to do this right away, because from the frequency of speed and capacity, it is very promising to be used to play games that are anti-mainstream- computers need Laptop specifications with real flat grapich settings. Hopefully, the mass production and marketing of this DDR5 SDRAM RAM type is faster than the scheduled plan so that all computers / laptops can experience the high and stable speed of DDR5 RAM types.

With the continuation of technology generation, where renowned computer manufacturers continue to research their products so that they can be further developed beyond the capabilities of previous or existing products to achieve the best results, the world around technology has also evolved thanks to scientists who found the formula for a product they developed, which is now a modern civilization.

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